padlock Bluefin® uses SSL technology to secure your data. More Info

Bluefin® Security

In order to provide the most secure environment possible, Bluefin® makes use of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to encrypt traffic between your browser and the Bluefin® servers. SSL also helps to insure that the website you are connected to is actually the Bluefin® site and not an imposter site. To verify that SSL is operating correctly for your session, look for the padlock icon near the bottom right corner of your browser window (Internet Explorer 6.0 or greater). If the padlock is missing, then your browser is not using the available encryption to connect to Bluefin®. If the padlock is present, you can double click it to see certificate validation information.

We recommend that you employ 128-bit encryption for the most secure transactions possible. To verify your browser's encryption level (in Internet Explorer 6.0 or above) click on Help << About Internet Explorer. If the line called 'Cipher Strength' reads '128-bit' then your browser is connected to Bluefin® using 128-bit SSL encryption. If your browser is using less than 128-bit encryption, we suggest you upgrade your browser before continuing your Bluefin® session.

Bluefin® employs a username and password authentication mechanism to further safeguard your data. Your password is not displayed while you are typing it. To help insure the safety of your data, you should not share your password with anyone and should always use the 'Logout' link at the top right corner when you are ready to end your session. Once you click 'Logout' it is safe to close your browser window.