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Why Bluefin®?

Revolutionary technology. Cutting edge capabilities.

Bluefin®, USI's web-based pension administration system, provides real-time benefit calculations, data administration, and trust payment direction for employers with pension plans.

Reports and calculations that once took weeks or months are now available at the click of a button. And because Bluefin® allows users to perform an unlimited number of calculations, reports, and transactions for a flat fee, it typically saves plan sponsors money.

Bluefin® updates employee information each day based on plan definitions and available payroll data, so results are always current, and always available in real-time.

Anywhere, anytime access for you and your participants.

Because Bluefin® is web-based, all services are available anytime from anywhere on the web and require no special hardware, software or IT support. Our user-friendly design makes Bluefin® easy to navigate for both pension administrators and, if permitted, plan participants.

Unrivaled speed saves time, improves flexibility.

Bluefin® delivers benefit calculations in seconds rather than weeks, allowing pension administrators to respond more immediately to participant requests. In addition, valuation reports are delivered earlier, providing administrators greater flexibility in making plan changes based on plan cost and cash flow.

Predictable pricing and potential savings.

For a flat monthly fee (based on the number of plan participants and administrative design), plan administrators and participants* can run an unlimited number of calculations.

While other service providers may charge a separate fee for each calculation and report, creating significant expense variability, Bluefin® can typically help save administrative costs.

* Participants may only run benefit calculation estimates.

Bluefin®: Built For Speed